Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello again

Its been almost 5 long months since my last post and such alot has happenend...to much to share but I will share 2 memories close to my heart. The first, my elder brother got married in India and how wonderful it was. As a family we are now complete with my new sister in law....such a gorgeous person. On a sadder note, I lost my mother-in-law. Always thoughtful, caring and born with such a generous heart she passed away on the 9th of July 2010. We dearly miss her.

Life has to go on, through happiness and sadness, though pain and loss and so we will. I will continue to love and to let my loved ones know how much I love them, how thankful I am to them for their presence in my life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's in a name? That which we call a rose By anyother name would smell as sweet.....

Its been a while since I worked on a complex cake and finally got this opportunity. Aptly chosen for its sheer beauty and the attention it commands, I selected to make one of Peggy Porschen's amazing cakes with my own twist. I guess that was the easy bit!
Getting the color scheme and the roses right was an all together different ball game....specially the roses. For this 12inch square cake, I calculated approximately 170 roses would be needed and was close, I used up 168 of them! It took me over 2 days working over time on the roses... roll the fondant, cut cut cut and frill frill and again and again and again and again and again (I could go on and on and on and on!) until all were done. And then hang on, I couldn't just sit them on the cake, they had to be individually dusted with edible luster....hhhmmmmm! deep breath in and start again.
This is the final product...and very proud of the fact the roses came out well and the cake in all looked damn good.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hocus ...... Pocus......time to focus

After a wonderful holiday for 3 months, I was a bit hesitant in getting back into handling fondant and was even considering mastering my skills only in butter cream. I got an opportunity in redeeming my faith in fondant by taking up this cake.

This cake was made for a dear friends son's 9th birthday a few weeks ago. The book is a triple chocolate mud cake and the wizards hat is a white chocolate mud cake with raspberries.
Details include urns spilling over with magic portion. As for the poor Imp, well I tried and tried to get the face but it didn't quiet get it right and so choose to cover it with yet another urn. So the story goes.....the naughty little Imp was so impatient and could not wait for Wizard Rishi (my friends son) to complete the magic portion and instead stuck his head right into it!!!

Rishi absolutely enjoyed the cake and even gave me a top score by saying & quote "this was the best birthday ever" ! That made it all worth while....and as for me giving up fondant.....hhhmmmm...guess that's not happening :)

Thank you

Recently I had to be admitted at the West-mead Hospital to undergo a procedure which was a very testing time for me in my life. I was sad and concerned and over ridden with emotions. I was able to come out of it with better control thanks to the Nurses at the post operative ward and the Day Surgery Clinic.

Today marks one week since the surgery and I decided I needed to thank them for their support, concern and dedication shown to me on the day of my surgery. So I baked a batch of Banana cupcakes topped with chocolate Swiss butter cream swirl ( that is the only suspicious bit..the all elusive SIMPLE SWIRL!!).

Thank you for being such dedicated and compassionate NURSES. Your compassion has touched me and helped me heal.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

To be or not to be ....

from my not so perfect heart

Mummy,.....yes dad....love you too Viju Bhai and Vinu Bhai..... this was mostly how my kids and I spent our 3 months away from Sydney...with our loved ones. Sadly as all things must come to an end (in our case our chosen path to live away from family) we packed up and came back to pick up pieces of our life here. Its been a bit of struggle for me (specially given I am very close to my family) to try and fit back into the daily routine of school, playgroup and cake orders. Don't mistake me....its nice but I wish we were all together. So is it wrong to want it all?? well in my case I guess there is a price to pay in trying to gain ones own independence.....and what a sad price that is.
Trying to move on and continue is my primary task and what better way than to express myself through my favorite medium...BAKING. I created these tiny heart shaped bite sized pieces of chocolate indulgence specially for Valentines day..... remembering my family and thanking GOD for their presence in my life. So thank you Ma and Daddy and Viju Bhai and Vinu Bhai for all your support and unconditional love over the years. It has meant a lot to me. And thank you for showing my children what families do the best....LOVE EACH OTHER no matter what.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday my little angel

God bless you...my precious, my little lady bird! you are 7....seven year of joys...seven years of laughter....seven years of amazing memories...and many more to come....as you always say....I love you from here till the moon and back.

Two weeks ago Anu and I sat down to choose her birthday cake. We had 2 daunting tasks...what flavor and how should it look. My little hippie chick....never settles for the normal....it has got to be something outside the box and so she decided on Chocolate-Cherry (Moreallo) cake in the form of an abandoned bird cage! (yes!...she's very deep...this is what I meant by outside the box), covered with vines and flowers and bugs and bees. And so this is what I delivered...and she loved it. We were getting ready to cut the cake when one of her friends said," your mother is a good cook" (without even tasting the cake!! ...bless! :) ) and Anya proudly replied, " yes, my mum is the best cooker!!" haha. That said it all.....ask no more.

The kids loved the cake....coming back for seconds and thirds....( a bit concerning for me, for I did not know kids could eat that much cake) and the parents liked it too. The flavor was a bit hit, as the moreallo cherries cut back on the sweetness of the cake, and the cake itself had cocoa instead of chocolate...this one is a keeper.
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Anya's Birthday Cupcakes

Saturday 3rd October was Anya's 7th Birthday. My little princess is 7 yrs old......time flies.....it feels like a few months ago we were celebrating her 3rd birthday and now its the 7th!.
She asked for cupcakes to share with her class mates at school, so I made 26 white chocolate cupcakes topped with Swiss butter cream. Of course the birthday girl got a special daisy on hers. I was running late with these cuppies as my second batch of batter gave up on me and I had to start all over again, so I was able to delivered them around 10am at school. The minute I stepped in.....the kids were all gasping and buzzing with excitement on seeing the cupcakes.....that was all I needed......NO WORDS JUST SMILES. Loved it.
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