Saturday, March 6, 2010

To be or not to be ....

from my not so perfect heart

Mummy,.....yes you too Viju Bhai and Vinu Bhai..... this was mostly how my kids and I spent our 3 months away from Sydney...with our loved ones. Sadly as all things must come to an end (in our case our chosen path to live away from family) we packed up and came back to pick up pieces of our life here. Its been a bit of struggle for me (specially given I am very close to my family) to try and fit back into the daily routine of school, playgroup and cake orders. Don't mistake me....its nice but I wish we were all together. So is it wrong to want it all?? well in my case I guess there is a price to pay in trying to gain ones own independence.....and what a sad price that is.
Trying to move on and continue is my primary task and what better way than to express myself through my favorite medium...BAKING. I created these tiny heart shaped bite sized pieces of chocolate indulgence specially for Valentines day..... remembering my family and thanking GOD for their presence in my life. So thank you Ma and Daddy and Viju Bhai and Vinu Bhai for all your support and unconditional love over the years. It has meant a lot to me. And thank you for showing my children what families do the best....LOVE EACH OTHER no matter what.

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