Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday my little angel

God bless precious, my little lady bird! you are year of years of years of amazing memories...and many more to you always say....I love you from here till the moon and back.

Two weeks ago Anu and I sat down to choose her birthday cake. We had 2 daunting tasks...what flavor and how should it look. My little hippie chick....never settles for the has got to be something outside the box and so she decided on Chocolate-Cherry (Moreallo) cake in the form of an abandoned bird cage! (yes!...she's very deep...this is what I meant by outside the box), covered with vines and flowers and bugs and bees. And so this is what I delivered...and she loved it. We were getting ready to cut the cake when one of her friends said," your mother is a good cook" (without even tasting the cake!! ...bless! :) ) and Anya proudly replied, " yes, my mum is the best cooker!!" haha. That said it all.....ask no more.

The kids loved the cake....coming back for seconds and thirds....( a bit concerning for me, for I did not know kids could eat that much cake) and the parents liked it too. The flavor was a bit hit, as the moreallo cherries cut back on the sweetness of the cake, and the cake itself had cocoa instead of chocolate...this one is a keeper.
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