Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hocus ...... Pocus......time to focus

After a wonderful holiday for 3 months, I was a bit hesitant in getting back into handling fondant and was even considering mastering my skills only in butter cream. I got an opportunity in redeeming my faith in fondant by taking up this cake.

This cake was made for a dear friends son's 9th birthday a few weeks ago. The book is a triple chocolate mud cake and the wizards hat is a white chocolate mud cake with raspberries.
Details include urns spilling over with magic portion. As for the poor Imp, well I tried and tried to get the face but it didn't quiet get it right and so choose to cover it with yet another urn. So the story goes.....the naughty little Imp was so impatient and could not wait for Wizard Rishi (my friends son) to complete the magic portion and instead stuck his head right into it!!!

Rishi absolutely enjoyed the cake and even gave me a top score by saying & quote "this was the best birthday ever" ! That made it all worth while....and as for me giving up fondant.....hhhmmmm...guess that's not happening :)


  1. gorgeous! love the hat very clever so fun!
    And why on earth would you give up fondant you have to much talent with it!

  2. Awwwwhhhh.....Thank you for your comments Tina. I feel, unlike butter-cream fondant can be a bit fussy and not handling it for a while I thought I had lost the touch!:)