Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sample Labels for Spring fair

I am very excited to introduce these labels. These are samples (and may I say how very pleased I am with the outcome :)) of labels being made by myself for the very very very BIG Spring fair at my daughters school next weekend.
The idea and inspiration for these labels came from Ratukek on flickr. She was more than kind enough to share her techniques and methods in helping me make them. Her work is truly out of this world...beautiful and very inspirational. Thank you Ratukek.
Now that I have some idea of creating these....all I have to do is get someone trusting ....( Neil!!!) who is a computer wizzzz with an extra wizzzzzzzzz to help...(I'm sure this will do the trick :)) and get the labels ready before Friday next week (no pressure love!).
I will try and post some snaps of the finished products sometime next weekend....between baking, more baking, wrapping up baked goodies, making posters for the stall...and on and on and on.
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